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Internet Tip

What you need to know before you call your ISP's Helpdesk:

Cherokeetel Helpdesk 800-687-0173
When you need help with your internet service, you call your ISP's Help Desk. Although sometimes you may not have all the following information, having as much information about your computer and your account will help speed up the process and assist the techs in helping you.
1. Know your username.
2. Know your password.
3. Know your e-mail address.
4. Know what brand and model of computer you have...IBM compatible,Macintosh, etc.
5. Know what browser you are using...Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0,Netscape Navigator 4.7, etc.
6. Know what operating system your computer uses...Windows 98, Mac OS 9,etc.
7. Know what e-mail software program you are using...Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, etc.
8. Know what brand and model of modem you use. (The problem you are having may be due to outdated software controlling your modem.)
9. Write down any error messages that may be appearing when you are online.
10. If possible, be at your computer with it on and running when you call your ISP's Help Desk.
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